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Our History

Enercom, SA was born in 1998. A Panamanian capital company willing to solve particular needs of the electrical and telecommunications industry. Its main activity, at that time, was based on the maintenance of telecommunications towers and electrical infrastructure. Subsequently, the company changed course when it realized that its main clients had problems finding parts, equipment, and general spare parts that they needed for their operation.

Approximately in the year 2000, the company decided to start contracting with the Panama Canal and some entities of the Panamanian State, including INTEL and IRHE (now defunct). These entities chose to work with Enercom because they were able to find parts and spare parts that no one else in the world could find. This activity was increasing and becoming the main activity of the company.

Today, we have been business allies of the most important state entities in Panama for 22 years. We have managed to supply products and services for more than 35 million dollars to more than 15 different government entities, including the Panama Canal, Bahía Las Minas Corporation, the Ministry of Security, Etesa, the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), and many more.

Equipo de enercom trabajando para un proyecto
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